A Leadership Opportunity for Powerful and Practical Ways to Champion Our Local Communities!

Scallop ShellThree-Nation Leadership Initiative™

A leadership program designed for community-builders – connecting social capital, building relationships, addressing shared challenges, designing creative solutions, and purposefully leading the way to greater prosperity through a dose of leadership wisdom which will energize and expand your skills.

Facilitated by Linda Cross Godfrey, known for creative and practical place-based and nature-based education. Linda will be joined by selected outstanding presenters, with classes located in invigorating communities, in comfortable settings, with active learning experiences that honors the learning style of each participant.

Linda facilitated the Washington County Leadership Institute for 21 years, and has lead other leadership programs for companies, educational classes and community organizations. Linda's new All are welcome — from eager millennials to vibrant retirees.

Six Classes in Five Communities

All classes begin at 9:00 am ET/10:00 am AT
Lunch is included as part of your fee - Midday
All classes end at 4:00 pm ET/5:00 pm AT

Class 1 — Campobello Island, NB

Birchbark CanoeTopic: Nikanke/Leader — The Leader as Intentional Presence, Relationship Builder, Problem Solver, Super Connector, Historical Champion, Future Facer, Purposeful Action Initiator.


Class 2 — Trescott / Lubec, ME

Sea StarsTopic: Storyfinder/Leader — The Leader as Story Sleuth, Vision Spotter, Organizer, and Translator of Nature into Captivating Experiences that Satisfy Residents and Attract Guests and New Comers. This is the class closest to Earth Day — we'll focus on our glorious and fragile environment, and ways to share in its bounty for the common good.


Class 3 — Eastport, ME

Nature's Grace sculptureTopic: Place Maker/Leader — Involving the work found in the blog: Power of Place: Facing the Limits But Also Accepting the Power of Addressing Local Issues — and the blog: 11 Signs a Community Will Succeed. This is the date close to the release of a new book by James and Deb Fallows who have co-produced The American Futures Project, which looked at 50 communities across the U.S. This 5-year project of The Atlantic magazine, National Public Radio and ESRI geographic information systems includes significant presence of resiliency and reinvention in those communities — Eastport is one of these featured communities.


Class 4 — Milbridge, ME

ArtbenchTopic: Cultural Champion/Leader — Identifying the history, journey, experiences, failures and successes, talents, passions, visions of community members to build together toward local sustainability. This day will include a focus on good food, farmland, local antioxidants, area food industries, and challenges for marketing, trade, and building our local "Brand."


Class 5 — St. Stephen, NB / Calais, ME

Loggers MemorialTopic: International Citizen/Leader — Appreciating our Three-Nation identity. Building on, and mastering the uniquenesses we have, and creating models for sustainability through connections, new ideas, and looking to the future through “reality glasses."


Class 6 — Campobello Island, NB

Head Harbour LightstationTopic: Deliverer/Leader — Class members will have projects which they design and develop over the class period — new inventions, products, events, offerings, marketing, revitalization, restoration, collaborations, partnerships, publications — to present this day. This date is Graduation Day and will include an early evening meal, project presentations, and celebration.


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Call to register anytime: (Office) 207-853-6036 • (Cell) 207-853-2922
Email: linda@AtlanticLeadershipCenter.com

Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Check   (Note: Cross-border mail may take 10 days). Inquire about a payment plan. Please remit your check to:

Three-Nation Leadership Initiative™
Atlantic Leadership Center
Attn: Linda Cross Godfrey
PO Box 222
Eastport, Maine 04631

We look forward to your participation in this new Initiative!