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Place-based & nature-based experiential programs

Founded in 1991

On Water Street in Eastport, Maine — 207•853•6036

Three-Nation Leadership Initiative™
USA • Passamaquoddy • Canada

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We have created a series of stories for young readers called Quoddy Kids Come Along Adventures. These stories engage the imagination and goodness of children in character development, community leadership, diversity, civility, and having fun while learning. These stories are set in and around Downeast, Maine. In this way, readers are able to "come along" and "engage" as active participants, becoming part of the story.

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Advancing the art and practice of leadership, we present our new Three-Nation Leadership Initiative™. Built on our passion for leadership and our creative teaching style, this Initiative will bring together people in way-downeast communities, three tribal communities, and nearby Canadian towns and islands. Please see our Three-Nation Leadership Initiative™ webpage for details.



Through our Learning-by-the-Sea Programs, we are proud to have 30 years of successful experience in producing retreats and symposia on leadership for women, community-building, and creativity. Programs are place-based, steeped in nature, local stories, and history.

For over 25 years, we have produced top-rated Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) programs based on the 60 year span of the Roosevelts on nearby Campobello Island — The Roosevelts on Campobello Island: Life at the Glorious Edge™.



We are engaged in Eastport businesses that are renovating and rejuvenating our historic downtown.

We are leaders, with others, in achieving a 2014 ranking for Eastport as the "most resilient and reinventive city in Maine," selected by The Atlantic, NPR, and ESRI. American Futures Project / City Makers is co-produced by Atlantic senior journalist James Fallows and author Debra Fallows. In 2018 Eastport was one of 28 cities to appear in their best-selling book entitled Our Towns. In 2021, HBO released a documentary entitled Our Towns, with Eastport as one of six featured cities.

Please see, The Power of Language in Changing a Community's Story, by Linda Cross Godfrey.



We offer programs from a single day to a week-long event on topics of leadership and community development. Our favorite featured leaders are:

  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • Margaret Weatley
  • Rachel Carson
  • Dr. Janine Benyus
  • Edward O. Wilson
  • Don Coyhis

In the future, we will launch "Smith-Roosevelt Leadership Institute for Women and Girls," honoring Margaret Chase Smith and Eleanor Roosevelt as leadership models.

Please see, A Life Committed to Leadership: Life Lessons from Margaret Chase Smith and Outcomes That Would Please Her, by Linda Cross Godfrey.



For over 30 years, we have worked on redeveloping and saving historic properties and spectacular locations as a partner in The Lupine Corporation, Ltd.; The Commons, LLC; Dirigamus, Inc.; 15 Sea Street, LLC; and Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance. Based on our work, we are developing materials titled "Worth Saving: Triumphant Legacies."


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