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Founded in 1991



We have authored a series of stories for young readers called Quoddy Kids Come Along Adventures. These stories are designed to engage the imagination and goodness of children in character development, community leadership, diversity, civility, and having fun while learning. Set in and around Eastport, Maine, these stories match up with a website and other travel materials created by our partners, Old Sow Publishing, and PassamaQuoddy Bay Adventures, which help children and their families, via companion maps and website, to visit locations where stories are set. In this way, readers are able to "come along" and "engage" as active participants, becoming part of the story.


We offer Leadership Education Programs custom designed for small companies, non profit organizations, and civic groups.

We are especially proud to have offered Facilitation and Teaching Services through the Sunrise County Economic Council, for over 20 years, to the Washington County Leadership Institute, an award winning community leadership program in Maine.

We also offer Soulful Leadership programs and coaching to develop Extraordinary Leaders.

We will initiate a project called Historic Habitats, to create a national model to renovate old homes, teach renovation skills, and build vibrant communities. We will collaborate with Assist-JC, a youth leadership program at All Souls Congregational Church in Bangor.



Through our Learning-by-the-Sea Programs, we are proud to have 25 years of successful experience in design and delivery of educational experiences offered as retreats and symposia on leadership, community-building, and creativity. Programs are place based, steeped in nature, local stories, and downeast history.

For 25 years, we have been pleased to be a highly rated sponsor of Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) programs based on the 60 year span of the Roosevelts on nearby Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Visit The Roosevelts on Campobello Island: Life at the Glorious Edge to learn more and enroll. Programs are held at Roosevelt Campobello International Park on the Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay.



We are engaged in Eastport in businesses that are renovating and rejuvenating our historic downtown.

We are leaders, with others, in achieving a ranking as the "most resilient and reinventive community in Maine," selected by The Atlantic, NPR, and ESRI. American Futures Project / City Makers is co-produced by Atlantic senior journalist James Fallows and author Deb Fallows. A book on this project will launch in May, 2018.

With homage to Anne Morrow Lindberg's Gifts from the Sea, we are creating a new work entitled, "Gifts from the Sea II," a publication and retreat for women.

We will launch "Smith-Roosevelt Leadership Symposium for Women and Girls" in 2018, honoring Margaret Chase Smith and Eleanor Roosevelt, their lives and styles of leadership.



We are developing programs on favorite topics and inspiring leaders.

We will offer programs from a single event to a week-long experience on topics such as:

Great Women Leaders:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt,
  • Margaret Chase Smith,
  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh,
  • Sr. Jeanne Knoerle;

Great Naturalist Leaders:

  • Gene Stratton Porter,
  • Theodore Roosevelt,
  • Rachel Carson,
  • Janine Benyus,
  • Edward O. Wilson,
  • Ralph Waldo Trine.

Companion programs, "The Roosevelts in Eastport" and "Worth Saving," will be held in Eastport beginning in 2019.



For 25 years, we have worked on redeveloping historic properties as a partner in The Lupine Corporation, Ltd., The Commons, LLC, and Dirigamus, Inc., and 15 Sea Street, LLC. Based on our work, we are developing materials titled "Worth Saving: Triumphant Legacies."

Spotlighting our 12-year history of successfully fending off the $90,000,000 aggregate attempt by 3 LNG developers to place Liquified Natural Gas terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay, we are working with Old Sow Publishing on a definitive book and workbook, presently titled: Being David: Defeating Goliath Developers and Saving Passamaquoddy Bay.

Journey: A Personal and Soulful Adventure& Retreat will be launched in 2018.


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